VI-Automotive (formerly VI-SportsCar) is VI-grade’s specialized simulation environment that allows engineering teams to analyze a number of design alternatives of a virtual race car and its subsystems on a testrig or on a given race track.
The vehicle is driven on a two or three dimensional track profile by a sophisticated driving program which is able to push the car to its limits! A specialized and extremely fast quasi-static lap time prediction program is entirely linked to the model database.
Validation is continuously performed in close collaboration with customers, and this helps improving the methods and the accuracy of the program prediction: one example is the validation of a motorsport car model running on a race track.

  • VI-Automotive is an engineering environment for the simulation of high performance and production vehicles
  • The Subsystem Architecture separates complex tasks and provides an intuitive interface
  • The Template Builder helps to build new designs quickly and efficiently
  • The Data Libraries assure component standardization and allow easy data management
  • The VI-Road technology, part of the VI-Automotive suite, simplifies definition of any type of 2D or 3D road profile including the CRG standard
  • The System Level Approach helps the understanding of vehicle performance by cross-correlating all individual components
  • Modelling within the VI-Automotive environment provides full support of several specialized modules for FEA, Hydraulics, Control Systems and other concurrent disciplines
  • The Simulation Menu allows for various types of maneuvers for complete virtual testing
  • The Plotting Environment offers a convenient method for reviewing results in all their details in a familiar fashion for all engineers

With VI-Automotive it is possible to make design decisions in the shortest time possible at minimum cost, allowing users to:

  • Cut cost by reducing the number of prototypes
  • Save time in the testing process by increasing the number tests in the virtual world before physical testing on the real track
  • Beat the competition by finding the optimal set-up and advancing technology faster.
  • New PressManeuvers Event designed to accurately reproduce maneuvers like ISO Lane Change (ISO 3888/1), Obstacle avoidance (ISO 3888/2) and slalom (this approach is completely different to the one used in the standard ISO Lane Change event available in plain Adams Car in which a fixed trajectory is used and no optimization process exists)
  • The VI-FemRequest module is now able to produce output according to multiple reference system for the same part in a single execution
    The VI-Safety plugin is now included in the VI-Automotive package with no additional licenses
  • VI-Automotive v17 is compatible with Adams Car 2015.1. VI-Automotive models can be used with the new testrigs included in this MSC Adams Car release
  • VI-Automotive is shipped with a new version of the VI-Driver suite featuring the following improvements:
    o    Better behavior of VI-Driver in low speed driving condition
    o    Possibility of building complex maneuvering logics with less mini-maneuvers
    o    VI-EventBuilder support for non-sequential maneuver execution